YEG Club League

The YEG Club League is a new initiative to allow athletes a competitive environment to play in leading into their high school and junior high basketball seasons. For 2018, we will be offering 3 divisions: Varsity, Junior Varsity and Junior High School. Below is a break down of the elements that will make up the 1st Club League season this fall. 


1 on court training session/week

Each athlete will be assigned a training group with a specific date/time repeating from September - November. Once a week the group will assemble to train with Coach Sunny Sooch, Skills Trainer Blain Labranche and other coaches from the GOOD Hoops Team. On court training sessions will fall on weekdays, between Monday/Wednesday/Thursdays primarily. 

1 game/week

Athletes will be drafted onto teams by the coaching staff and be emailed their team name/roster. We will treat this like a combine style draft, after bringing all athletes together for on court sessions, the coaching staff will draft out teams and send out rosters. These teams will compete once a week for the crown until the end of fall. Games will always fall on weekends, primarily Saturdays to minimize conflicts with other commitments our athletes have. 



Genesis competition weekend

We are working hard to coordinate a competition weekend with Genesis Basketball which will allow either our athletes the opportunity to go to Calgary and play against the Genesis squads, or bring the Genesis squads here to Edmonton to compete against us. Details will be released shortly.


Please note: There are limited spots available in the club league in the initial year. If you are late to register, we may not be able to accommodate you in league play but we will still have training opportunities for all interested athletes. Register ASAP to ensure your spot for the YEG Fall League!